The engagement program aims at engaging adults for participating actively in modern society in a lifelong perspective, such as critical thinking, civic and environmental awareness, food autonomy, learning for healthy lifestyles and adaptation techniques to climate change. 

The engagement program is composed of a suite of micro-trainings, that integrate informal learning activities with social networking, in close proximity to the gardening setting.

For who?

Adult educators, organizations, teachers, facilitators, change makers… And anyone interested in spreading the values of Social Permaculture in their community.


To provide new approaches for organizing micro-trainings in close proximity to gardening settings for adult learners, including adults from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In this Guide for facilitators of micro-training you will find information about:

  • The Growing Communities project and the Engagement Program
  • The role of the facilitator
  • How to plan and organise micro-trainings

In our Engagement program, every micro-training session :

1. Begins with an activation of prior knowledge acquired through self-directed learning based on the teasers (bite-sized learning tools),

2. Then, there will be an activity,

3. Ends with a feedback session and transfer strategy which promote critical thinking and reflection on work, to facilitate deeper learning and evaluation of outcomes.

The document:

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