Kulturlabor – Trial & Error is a Berlin based non-governmental organization that was created in 2010. A collective of adult educators, youth workers, designers, artists and builders, craftivist and urban gardeners, that work with topics of sustainability, creativity, community building, participative citizenship, solidarity economies, media literacy and non-formal education.

Through our projects, we aim to increase awareness about the environment, to encourage critical thinking towards our consumption habits and to promote learning processes in order to find alternative solutions.

Kulturlabor Trial & Error has been deeply occupied already from the start with creative activism and actions in urban spaces to empower people to act for social change and towards more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Community gardening and work with vulnerable neighbours have been our central themes since establishing as NGO in 2010. We work to increase resilience through facilitating empowerment and shared learning. We use gardening a tool for social inclusion, especially in areas with high poverty risks and amongst people with fewer opportunities.

Kulturlabor is collaborating with the local government of Berlin in different neighbourhoods with needs of social inclusive development, running several long term projects on participative and sustainable neighbourhoods, building communities through environmentally friendly practices and social networking. Some include the concept of gardening and the implementation of a connected gardening infrastructure in the neighbourhood as tools for inclusion. We also have organized several workshops to encourage neighbours live a more healthy and sustainable life.

Since more than six years, we have been exploring the tools of upcycling, creative activism, trashion, urban gardening, DIY, swap economy, opening our doors to neighbourhood, going into schools and youth centres, networking with likeminded initiatives and organising events for exchange in European level. We work with these themes, through hands on practice and non-formal education. We impact and reach young people with information about global issues, by using creative means and new media. We aim to share knowledge between different networks and individuals, and provide information that encourages an active approach to life.

Visit our website: https://www.trial-error.org/