Dominou is a non-governmental and non-profit association founded in 2004 with about 150 active members (teachers, trainers, volunteers, pedagogical advisers, young students). Our goals include supporting formal, non-formal and informal education of adults, children and youth in order to acquire the necessary skills for future employment and active citizenship ; and the promotion of human rights, cultural diversity, equal opportunities and nondiscrimination.

The Dominou Association has vast experience in both social and sustainable development.  We work with disadvantaged groups  such as economically disadvantaged adults, illiterate adults, Roma, seniors in vulnerable rural areas etc. We dispose of a very wide network of stakeholders at regional, national and international levels, and have experience with European projects.

We also have organised courses for education for sustainable development, e.g. outdoor education and waste management for teachers in rural areas ; and complementary projects on biodiversity protection and natural protected areas.

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